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Offering A Blend Of Employee Benefit Services With A Systematic Approach To Workforce Management

IBSI has developed an employee benefits infrastructure built to make the procurement, distribution, and management of employee benefits more manageable. As the central nervous system for the employee benefits industry, IBSI connects insurance companies, employers, and employees.

The six-hundred billion dollar employee benefits industry suffers from inefficient, fragmented, paper-based processes that create long sales cycles, redundant data entry, and challenges in customer service. Currently, neither the insurance companies nor employers have the Internet based tools available to create efficiencies, improved communications, and recognize new sources of revenue. This lack of infrastructure makes it virtually impossible for any of the participants to maximize value from the system itself.

IBSI simplifies the employee benefits business by helping carriers and employers build stronger relationships with each other. This process is long overdue and begs for automation that will allow the process to not only become more efficient, but also more cost effective. IBSI has built a platform that provides the following efficiencies:

Eliminates the amount of paper with internet based process automation.

Delivers an infrastructure that makes the purchase, distribution and management of employee benefits more efficient.

Lowers the cost of distributing employee benefit products and services.

Provides better access to employee benefit products and services, while providing information so people can make better decisions relating to their employee benefit programs.

By allowing the integration of a client's employee benefits program with other disciplines such as human resource management, benefit administration and communication mechanisms the entire process becomes a total solution as opposed to disparate islands of information that are non-relational to other significant databases.

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